Goodenough, Kathryn

Birth Name Goodenough, Kathryn 1a
Gramps ID P210
Gender female


    Family of Christy, John and Goodenough, Kathryn [F0083]
Unknown Partner Christy, John [P211] ( * + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Klase, Margaret C [P15]1897-01-291965


Records not imported into INDI (individual) Gramps ID P210:

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    1. Goodenough, Kathryn
      1. Christy, John [P211]
        1. Klase, Margaret C [P15]

Source References

  1. Pennsylvania, Death Certificates, 1906-1963 [S-463897463]
      • Page: Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission; Pennsylvania, USA; Box Number: 2448; Certificate Number Range: 089401-092250