Balliet, Milton 1a

Birth Name Balliet, Milton
Gramps ID P257
Gender male
Age at Death 68 years, 7 months, 18 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1857-05-06 Pennsylvania, USA    
Death 1925-12-24 Honey Hole, Butler, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Balliet, Paul C [P262]1826-01-111908-01-08
Mother Housknecht, Elizabeth [P261]1832-01-201879-05-14
    Sister     Balliet, Polly Ann [P282] 1854-05-19 1907-02-01
    Brother     Balliet, Silas [P280] 1855-10-10 1929-10-12
    Sister     Balliet, Hulda A [P279] 1856-11-11 1933-09-05
         Balliet, Milton [P257] 1857-05-06 1925-12-24
    Sister     Balliet, Endora “Dora” [P275] 1860-03-30 1936-08-02
    Brother     Balliet, Ervin [P278] 1864-04-06 1935-04-25
    Sister     Balliet, Elwillda [P276] 1866-12-04 1938-12-13
    Sister     Balliet, Mary Agnes [P281] 1868-04-28 1935-05-17
    Brother     Balliet, John [P277] 1869-01-20 1937-11-09


    Family of Balliet, Milton and Kauffman, Catherine [F0062]
Married Wife Kauffman, Catherine [P256] ( * 1859-01-04 + 1934-04-17 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1881 Sugarloaf, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, United States    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Balliet, Edward Harber [P271]1881-09-041964-06-27
Balliet, William Eugene [P272]1883-04-011927-06-11
Balliet, Ruth May [P270]1885-01-131954-02-22
Balliet, Howard [P151]1887-04-161953-05-14
Balliet, Florence A [P269]1888-12-051981-07-11
Balliet, Harry Paul [P263]1891-09-181892
Balliet, Helen E [P267]1893-01-001965-11-07
Balliet, Warren Nevin [P268]1896-05-091957-04-01
Balliet, Mildred H [P266]1898-08-061983-06-28
Balliet, Arthur John [P265]about 19011957-03-16
Balliet, Roland A [P264]1903-06-181960-02-27


  1. Balliet, Paul C [P262]
    1. Housknecht, Elizabeth [P261]
      1. Balliet, Polly Ann [P282]
      2. Balliet, Silas [P280]
      3. Balliet, Hulda A [P279]
      4. Balliet, Milton
        1. Kauffman, Catherine [P256]
          1. Balliet, Edward Harber [P271]
          2. Balliet, William Eugene [P272]
          3. Balliet, Ruth May [P270]
          4. Balliet, Howard [P151]
          5. Balliet, Florence A [P269]
          6. Balliet, Harry Paul [P263]
          7. Balliet, Helen E [P267]
          8. Balliet, Warren Nevin [P268]
          9. Balliet, Mildred H [P266]
          10. Balliet, Arthur John [P265]
          11. Balliet, Roland A [P264]
      5. Balliet, Endora “Dora” [P275]
      6. Balliet, Ervin [P278]
      7. Balliet, Elwillda [P276]
      8. Balliet, Mary Agnes [P281]
      9. Balliet, John [P277]


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