This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Klase. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth
Abraham [P101] 1819
Abraham [P91] 1792
Alan Robert [P1] 1947-02-10
Alary [P143]  
Allen Lee [P19] 1923-09-20
Amanda Susanah [P49] 1871-11-04
Ambrose, Jr [P345] 1860-12-21
Anna [P253] about 1915
Annie Marie [P115]  
Carrie [P346] about 1857
Catharine [P99] 1825-05-02
Catherine [P107] 1796-09-12
Catherine [P112]  
Catherine Elmira [P51] 1864-08-28
Christina [P116]  
Daniel [P230]  
David Elwood [P9] 1949-12-11
Elaine Martha [P10] 1955-08-04
Eliza [P98] 1830-12-23
Elizabeth [P114]  
Elizabeth A. [P52] 1863-05-10
Elwood Harrison [P2] 1917-07-09
Emma Sevilla [P53] 1870-09-17
Ettie Katilla [P50] 1875-09-19
Eva [P105] 1803-12-20
George [P93]  
Gertrude Agnetis [P18] about 1913
Hannah [P100] 1815-02-15
Henry [P104] 1805
Jacob [P108] 1790-01-28
Jacob [P111]  
John [P110]  
Joseph [P229] about 1825
Joseph Monroe [P47] 1884-04-16
Lucretia Geraldine [P22] 1915-03-24
Margaret C [P15] 1897-01-29
Margaret Elizabeth [P17]  
Mary [P103]  
Mary Lena [P48] 1869-01-02
Matilda [P96]  
Michael [P113]  
Michael [P45] 1794-09-04
Nora Catherine [P144]  
Philip [P109]  
Sarah Edna [P46] 1877
Solomon P [P97] 1831-06-28
Thelma Lorine [P16] 1907-12-15
Valentine [P95] 1759-04-15
Valentine, Jr. [P106] 1799-07-13
William [P21] about 1834
William Henry [P13] 1880-11-23
Zachary Alan [P6] 1980-02-14