Edwin Howard Armstrong

Regeneration Demo Videos

Sarnoff's Head

Radio in 2014

Clifden Spark 1914

Alternator Nauen, Germany CW 1914

Poulsen Arc San Francisco 1914



The Reigning Champion:

Marconi Type 101 Receiver

A passive receiver (crystal-set) with no amplification.

The Contender:

The Armstrong Regenerative Receiver

Uses the DeForest "Audion" vacuum tube for amplification.

Armstrong's feedback circuit greatly increases Audion performance, and allows reception of continuous-wave signals (CW) as well as spark.

This is the only known photo, and likely differs from the device used at Belmar.

Our Stand-in for the 2014 Demo:

Wireless Specialty Apparatus Co.
IP-501 - Navy Receiver

Designed in 1918

An Armstrong licensed regenerative receiver using a slightly more modern tube.

It can also be used as a crystal set with a circuit similar to the Marconi 101.