Edwin Howard Armstrong

Belmar, NJ, 30-31 January 1914

Edwin Howard Armstrong demonstrated his regenerative receiver to The American Marconi Company at the Belmar receiving station, then under construction.

Edwin Howard ArmstrongArmstrong

Age: 23

Recent grad.
Columbia University

Inventor of
the regenerative receiver.
David Sarnoff

Age: 22

Chief Inspector of Construction
Marconi Wireless Telegraph
Company of America


"On January 30th I met Mr. Armstrong, Professor Morecroft and Mr. Wiegant, with whom I proceeded to our high powler station at Belmar, N. J. to test Mr. Armstrong's receiving system.  Two aerials were erected, one about 1600 ft. long and the other the entire length of the masts erected at Belmar."

The Belmar operations building, under construction,
the demonstration took place in the construction shack visible here.

The Demonstration

Reports to Marconi Corporate