Roth, Jean Gertrude 1a

Birth Name Roth, Jean Gertrude
Also Known As Roth, Jenn “Jean”
Gramps ID P25
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1920-04-24 Hazleton, Pa    
Birth about 1921 Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA    
UID     81F383A9686B4356991AF3EDE5505B709FA4  


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Roth, Foster Larned [P12]18811958-08-00
Mother Berge, Anna Martha [P11]1886-08-061962-04-23
    Sister     Roth, Lois Sophia [P3] 1917-06-02 2000-01-07
         Roth, Jean Gertrude [P25] 1920-04-24
    Brother     Roth, Foster Robert [P26] 1923-01-02
    Brother     Roth, Foster R [P30] 1923-01-02 2003-11-30
    Sister     Roth, Joyce L [P27] 1926-08-29 2000-02-24


    Family of Waldron, Donald Peter and Roth, Jean Gertrude [F0018]
Married Husband Waldron, Donald Peter [P121] ( * 1922-01-16 + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Name Birth Date Death Date
Waldron, Donna Jean [P122]1949-02-09


  1. Roth, Foster Larned [P12]
    1. Berge, Anna Martha [P11]
      1. Roth, Lois Sophia [P3]
      2. Roth, Jean Gertrude
        1. Waldron, Donald Peter [P121]
          1. Waldron, Donna Jean [P122]
      3. Roth, Foster Robert [P26]
      4. Roth, Foster R [P30]
      5. Roth, Joyce L [P27]


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